At a time of great environmental challenges, Fondasol Hydrogeology can advise you on the geothermal system the best suited to the needs of your project, depending on the subsurface characteristics of your site.

Our specialist engineers can support you with all the formalities and help you to assess, depending on your needs, which system is the best suited  to the geological and hydrogeological context of your project. 

They will take care of the pre-feasibility studies and feasibility studies and then act as the main contractor  (ACT, VISA, DET-AOR phases) for the execution works on the planned system to exploit the geothermal resources, also guiding you through the administrative and financial steps.

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Fondasol Hydrogeology is listed in the directory of design offices qualified for geothermal work by the OPQIBI, the engineering qualification body (qualification 1007), and also has RGE certification  ("recognised guarantor of the environment").

Fondasol is a member of the AFPG – the French Association Geothermal Energy Professionals.

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Knowing your energy needs

Heating, cooling, domestic hot water: geothermal systems can cover several energy needs. Only a precise assessment of those needs can decide the dimensions of a geothermal system and optimise the investment and operating costs.

Our teams can assist you with consulting competent thermal design offices and estimating the energy needs  of your project.

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Identifying the best geothermal system for your project

Our qualified experts can carry out for project owners/contracting authorities:

  • Geothermal pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, including in situ investigations (test pumping, TRTs, etc.)
  • Thermal modelling to assess the risks of thermal recycling and optimise the effectiveness of your project.

The aim? To recommend the resource and the type of system (open loop well doublet system, vertical geothermal boreholes, etc.) liable to cover the energy needs estimated by the prior thermal study.

Assisting you with the regulatory and financial aspects

You can also rely on our teams to:

  • Assist you with the regulatory formalities (Mining Code, etc.)
  • Launch the consultation process help you to select a RGE/FAIRE-certified drilling contractor: drawing up of specifications/particular technical clauses, tender documents, analysis of candidates and assistance with making the final choice.
  • Provide support putting together your applications for grants specifically designed for private individuals, local authorities or companies undertaking a geothermal project.

Monitoring the underground works

Our teams monitor and support the works in line with good professional practice:

  • Assistance to project owner (AMO)
  • and prime contractor (MOE) missions for the underground work.

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