Our commitments

As a company operating in the construction industry, therefore necessarily involved in local development, our social and environmental responsibility puts us on a virtuous path of close collaboration with our stakeholders and spurs us to design internal processes that allow us to make the social, environmental and ethical dimensions that matter in our century an important part of what we do.

Being socially responsible means not only fully meeting our contractual obligations, but also investing in human capital, the environment and our relations with all kinds of third parties, because beyond the inner circle of employees and other people whose input benefits the company, its influence and impact on the community in the wider sense is ever more powerful, within an ecosystem that is more interconnected and agile than ever.

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... for and with our employees

Nos collaborateurs sont notre force, les contributeurs quotidiens de notre pérennité, les acteurs du collectif que constitue notre Groupe.

  • The desire to share the fruits of our success, based on fairness and social justice, and to secure the Group's long-term future were the vectors of an entirely unprecedented collaborative governance project, with the opening up of an employee shareholding scheme to all of our staff
  • Buddy schemes and training are, for us, ways of creating bridges between our different trades and branches, subsidiaries and agencies, and they are jointly organised by our HR department and the technical department.
  • Quality of working life, diversity and equality at workdisabilityintegration of young people into the world of work: these are the main threads running through our social/societal commitment. We respond positively whenever possible to employees' requests for more flexible working hours, in particular through working from homeor the way their weeks out on jobsites are organised. 
  • Guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as compliance with standards and regulations, our Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental management systemapplies in all our agencies and on all the sites we work on. 

… for and with our customers, partners, stakeholders

Our customers are the cornerstone of our business, the reason our internal resources put in their best efforts every day, with the support of our partners and stakeholders. 

  • Through certifications and standards shared by all (ISO 9001, LNE, MASE, etc.), all our trades and business lines are engaged in a quality management system that is geared to the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholdersas well as continuous improvement.
  • This quest for quality rests on strict integrity and impartialityat every stage of every mission, in line with our mandate to ensure the sustainability of the structures we work on.
  • It is completed by careful attention paid to our stakeholders and a responsible purchasing policy, which we strive to base on a shared dynamic and values.


... the Group's impacts on the environment

As signatories of the Engineering Charter for the Climate, we endeavour to put our commitments into practice through concrete and measurable actions.

  • With the active support of our employees, in summer 2022 we embarked on a carbon inventory across all the mandatory and recommended scopes, in order to put figures on our emissions and our impact, to measure the effectiveness of the actions already taken and to rank and adapt our actions.
  • On the travel and vehicle fleet side, we have converted our fleet of light duty vehicles to electric, set up a sustainable mobility scheme, drawn up a set of travel rules covering issues like the choice of mode transport and signed a remote working agreement that has had a favourable impact on staff commuting.
  • We have a network of partners we rely on to optimise the recovery, sorting and revalorisation of the waste producedon our jobsites and in our agencies. These actions concern specific types of waste and mineral materials, but also PPE, aerosols, IT equipment and even everyday consumables.  Choosing more virtuous raw materials, upgrading our tools and optimising our interventions on site are also useful avenues to take.
  • Though Solscore, our decision aid tool linked to our historic database, we can optimise the need for new boreholes and thereby limit the time the survey takes on site and, with it, our carbon footprint.
  • Finally, with the involvement of all those involved downstream of our interventions, we want to undertake a vast reflection to put forward alternative, environmentally responsible solutions in our study reports.

... risks and opportunities

As construction consulting engineers, controlling risks is our daily bread, and our expertise goes far beyond the pitfalls that are liable to litter the path of our professional processes.

  • Like any company, it also encompasses strategic, operational, psychosocial, legal, insurance, IT, environmental, economic, geopolitical and other risks.
  • Faced with a complex and shifting environment, the challenge is to make it possible to identify, evaluate and rank the obvious or potential risks linked to the stakes that matter for the company and to put an appropriate strategy and policyin place to manage risks - and opportunities! 
  • The aim is not to eliminate the risk, but to enable our Group to be sustainably enterprising whilst controlling the risks inherent in our development and disseminating a risk-aware culture.

Innovating to progress, for everyone's benefit

Subsoil data is a core to our missions: we collect, classify and analyse them to predict behaviours and dimension infrastructure accordingly. 

We are more convinced than ever that the power of these data, once aggregated and considered in context, is the key to our being able to effectively support our customers in their projects.

That is why it is at the heart of our vast programme of innovation, whose aim is to forge a new and original approach to our skills and areas of expertise with the support of digital technologies, in order to allow everyone, employee or customer, to enter the 4.0 dimension of our activities - to borrow a term used in industry.  

With our flagship tool SOLSCORE as the central element of the system, the new value chain created mobilises the notions of prediction and artificial intelligence, automation and the cloud, but also agility, interaction, interoperability and BIM

And not to be outdone, on the field operations side, mid-2022 saw the launch of the feasibility study for the all-electric CLEA prototype, our connected, lightweight, electric, ergonomic and autonomous drilling unit!

See the details of our innovation programme