Our social/societal commitments

As an employer, our role in terms of social and societal issues is important to us and that is reflected in a number of commitments we make for all our employees, for our up-and-coming talents, for the community.

With humility and just as much determination, we are working with our stakeholders to draw up and implement agreements that foster quality of working life, the sharing of the value generated by the company, the gender mix and gender equality at work.

We are also reinforcing the bases of our policies to get disabled people into work and keep them in employment.

Finally, we are continuing to work on integrating young and disadvantaged people into the workforce and fight against discrimination.

Ic Engagements Societaux

Quality of working life

Our company-wide agreements on quality of working life aim to reconcile the necessary quest for overall performance within the company and greater well-being at work for staff.

  • Everyone must be able to enjoy a good work/life balance. This also includes a commitment to look favourably on requests for geographical mobility for personal reasons, and the signing of an agreement on teleworking covering the next 3 years, enabling any employee who wishes to and whose job permits it, to work from home up to 2 days a week (fixed or moving days).
  • Our "Causeries" informal talks allow employees to exercise their right of "direct, collective expression", so that anyone wishing to raise any issues about difficulties experienced at work can do so. This system of free, open expression is designed to allow any dysfunctions to come to the surface and corrective solutions to be collectively decided and implemented. 
  • The "donated rest days" solidarity fund allows employees who have responsibilities as carers at home (disabled relative, elderly parent suffering from a loss of autonomy, etc.) to benefit from extra days off donated by colleagues through this solidarity scheme.
  • The right to disconnect asserts our employees' right not to be connected to their digital devices outside of their working hours.  

In addition, our unprecedented employee shareholding scheme is intended to share among everyone the value created by their collective work.

Gender mix and equality

Gender mix and equality

Coupled with the signing of the engineering gender mix charter by Syntec Ingénierie, our company-wide agreement reiterates our attachment to gender equality in the workplace and non-discrimination on the basis of gender.

The challenges that remain are to  

  • attract women into our technical field jobs as well as engineering
  • interest them in building and progressing through a long career with us
  • ensure that everyone, male or female, is treated equally throughout their career.

Our programme of actions focuses on five main areas of progress: recruitment, training, promotion, classification and compensation.

  • Whether it's in the different media, at events, in schools and universities or with jobseekers,  our female Fondasolers are happy to go out and show what a great job this can be for women.
  • This is accompanied by an internal campaign of training and awareness-raising to ensure the recruitment process is not polluted by stereotypes and prejudices.
  • We are currently reflecting on how we can optimise the integration and the ergonomics of the working conditions of our female staff in the field and in the lab.
  • We are working on a specific training plan for the female assistants who work in our agencies and technical departments.
  • We are also looking at setting up a mentoring scheme and parenthood policy to facilitate women's access to management positions.

Gender equality index (Fondasol France)

For 2022, Fondasol France's gender equality index is 85 out of 100


Based on an evaluation of five indicators defined by Decree no. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019, this index covers all of Fondasol France's employees: field and laboratory staff, assistants, engineers, activity, agency and technical department managers, support functions...

Workforce integration

The Group has a strong commitment to getting young and disadvantaged people into work. Through these actions, we aim to:

  • enable young people who have dropped out of school to get a job 
  • support young graduates from modest backgrounds or who do not have the necessary network of contactsto find jobs 

APEL for drillers

This approach also extends to enabling serving employees to transform their experience on the job into a qualification.

Under the aegis of the USG (Union Syndicale Géotechnique) and in partnership with Toulouse education authority, at the end of 2015 Fondasol launched an APEL (accreditation of prior and experiential learning) certificate for "DRILLERS": this vocational certificate, Driller Level IV, is equivalent to a vocational baccalaureate.

In 2021, 8 of our drillers undertook the process and succeeded with flying colours, obtaining a certificate recognising their experience as geotechnical drillers.

In 2022/2023, we have 9 drillers who have started the process.

Disability policy

An "action diagnosis" carried out with the Agefiph (the body that funds access to work initiatives for the disabled) has enabled us to reinforce our disability policy.

We want to act not only to:

  •  keep in employment our disabled workers or workers with workstation restrictions, by prevention and providing support, but also
  • to recruit disabled students and workers.