Characterising, controlling, preserving and monitoring groundwater

Characterising, controlling, preserving and monitoring groundwater also means exploiting its potential and guaranteeing its sustainability.

Water is a fragile resource fragile that needs to be protected as much as it is a major constraint to be taken into account when planning a construction.

Fondasol Hydrogeology can work with you to enable you to secure your projects with regard to  "groundwater"/"surface water" factors, ensuring you make the most of the water as well as guaranteeing its protection.

Our experts thus apply a comprehensive engineering consultancy approach to the controlling, preserving, exploiting and/or monitoring of the major parameter that water represents in your project, in compliance with the relevant technical standards and regulations. 

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Mastering the entire value chain

Investigations, monitoring, interpretation, modelling and more: we master the entire hydrogeological value chain, thereby guaranteeing the reliability of our expertise.

  • We are privileged to have in our teams hydrogeologists who are geologists above all, who apply a nature-based approach to these environments and have an excellent grasp of their spatio-temporal functioning.
  • The use of digital modelling then enables us to take better account of the complexities of the natural environment in which your project is to be developed, and to provide an appropriate, measured and precise response to your issues.

A comprehensive professional approach

  • Whether we are working within or outside of geotechnical or environmental survey missions, we can help you with virtually all the water-related issues that you may be faced with.
  • For each project, drawing on over 60 years' worth of data, we always strive to give you all the available information on the risks and opportunities of the water environment, so that you can integrate it into a process of securing your project and sustainable development.
  • The professional interactions and synergies that exist within Fondasol Group give us a  comprehensive overview of the technical issues of the site, and enable us to be more responsive in our interventions in France and abroad.
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Digital technology at the heart of our tools

Associated with Fondasol Group's digital transformation plans, we are capitalising on our data and putting them use to serve your projects:

  • Since 2014, we have been using digital solutions to acquire, interpret, process and calculate data.
  • In 2022, Solscore, our decision aid tool for construction project includes water-related data as well as geotechnical data. It will be completed by a predictive synthesis tool that draws on our databases to orient you quickly on the water-related constraints and opportunities of your project.
  • Via our Group's dedicated department, we are gradually rolling out a BIM Hydrogeology system.  

< See: BIM, an ally for rainwater management

The sectors we cover

Your project

Our experts can work with you on any type of construction or rehabilitation project:

  • Buildings/Establishments open to the pubic: industrial buildings, shops, historical buildings; residential areas, tertiary, commercial, industrial parks, etc.
  • Infrastructure: civil engineering structures, road and rail linear infrastructure, airports; external works
  • Water management structures: sewerage and stormwater systems, water treatment stations, water management and storage installations, drainage systems, etc.
  • Energy production structures: solar farms, wind turbines, biogas plants, nuclear power stations, low-carbon hydrogen production plants, etc.
  • Industrial sites: non-hazardous, hazardous, inert or industrial waste storage facilities, facilities classified as constituting a risk to the environment (ICPE); quarries and mining sites, etc.
  • Production of heat and cold par medium-scale geothermal energy  

Our intervention

Our scope of intervention covers all the following studies, at every stage of a project (study – including investigations and monitoring, design and monitoring of works):

  • Management and exploitation of the water system, whether this means water table-structure interaction or rainwater management (runoff, storage or re-use, abstractions and discharges) – including regulatory dossiers 
  • Medium-scale geothermal energy studies: pre-feasibility, feasibility, assistance to owners/contracting authorities (AMO)
  • Search, exploitation and protection of drinking and industrial water resources

Fondasol Hydrogeology is a member of the AFPG 
– the French Association Geothermal Energy Professionals.

Our certifications

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