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Are you a local or territorial authority? A public administrative body or organisation? Whether you are the mayor of a municipality or the technical manager of a public institution or a semi-public company, you need to be able to call on specialists who can respond to your specific needs.

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Real estate


Deadlines for completing an operation, increased pressure on land and budgets, marketing imperatives, regulatory constraints, and so on. We know what the challenges facing you are and we mobilise our teams and our know-how so that engineering issues turn into solutions.

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Do you manage an industrial site, a site classified for environmental protection, a SEVESO site or similar? Do you have plans for a new site or an extension, a refurbishment or conversion of an existing site? Are you planning to install a new production line? Are you discontinuing your activity and selling your site?

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Energy player


Are you an energy production, management or development company? Do you have an underground or overhead network? Gas pipes? Do you deploy construction, maintenance or rehabilitation projects relating to renewable energies, such as hydro-electric power plants, hydraulic dams, wind or solar farms, nuclear power plants, etc.?

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Road and motorway concessions


Are you the concession holder of a road or motorway? A prime contractor on road construction projects? A contractor working on linear infrastructure? Do you have a project for a new road, ringroad or bypass? Or for the widening (doubling the lanes) of an existing road, the rehabilitation or making safe of an existing road? Do you perform works on these types of projects?

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Utility concessions


Are you a utility concession holder? Whether it's gas, hydrocarbons, electricity or heating, sewers or stormwater drains, fibre optics/telecom cables, road sign cables or street lighting: we know what's involved.

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Do you supervise the creation or renovation of urban features such as protective dykes, crossings or pontoons? Or the construction marinas or military harbours? Are you in charge of the routine maintenance or extension of quays or similar structures in ports or urban settings? Or of the creation and management of technical structures – fuelling stations, tanks, cargo wharves, quay extensions, etc.?