A comprehensive approach to engineering consultancy

In a world where everything is going faster and having to react quickly is an everyday occurrence, you must be able to count on a reliable, agile partner.

Wherever you are building, wherever you have a development project, we are by your side. On industrial sites, major structural, infrastructure or building projects, and however complex the project, we understand, share and support your construction issues.

From field interventions through to the study and works phases, with energy, determination and competence, we bring together our expertise and that of our subsidiaries to study, with you, the best scenarios to enable you to make the right decisions in total confidence, to make your construction and development projects more secure, more economical and more sustainable.

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Working together on tomorrow's challenges

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Comprehensive solutions for lasting success

Ensuring your buildings and structures are built to last is what our engineering consultancy competencies are all about..

To provide you with even more solid support, we have enriched the skills we offer to bring you concerted, comprehensive solutions across a wide range of areas of expertise.

We thus offer you comprehensive support to deal all the issues that can arise in connection with the ground and (infra)structures.

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Innovating to make the subsoil a source of strength

As  land becomes scarcer and more expensive, subsurface conditions are becoming more important than ever.

We draw on 60 years and a historical data source consisting of 1.5 million test bores to design and provide you with the benefit of innovative, high-performance tools to meet those challenges.

Predictive and decision aid tools, GIS, web applications, tablets are already part of our daily practice, and will soon be joined by artificial intelligence.

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Agile, all-terrain teams

Projects are changing. So are we. However simple or complex the project, we are ready to tackle every challenge, adapting to your requirements and the constraints imposed by the site We mobilise to provide you with advice, prompt responses and quality. We carefully consider the best technical solutions for each phase of the project, to ensure successful completion.

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Votre confiance, notre fierté

Your satisfaction is important to us and being given your long-term trust is even more important.

Our pride? Knowing, whenever we pass by a project that we contributed to, that we did our bit - even if the nature of our work means that our bit is invisible!

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