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Every day, the synergy between all our different areas of expertise helps to us to optimise ensure the lasting success of your construction and spatial development projects.

The  digital transformation  undertaken at every level in our Group is intended to benefit your projects by bringing ever more agility and efficiency.

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Fondasol's teams study and model the overall environment  of your construction and development of your projects and predict their behaviour, to make your constructions sustainable and reduce their impact on the ecosystem.

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Investigations
  • Geotechnical laboratory
  • Earthworks and geotechnical investigations for road building
  • Environment - PSS
  • Hydrogeology & geothermal energy
  • Geology and natural risks
  • Geophysics and measurements
  • Structural diagnosis

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Platform combining the best of soil data, AI, and human analysis, LIANAKA provides construction stakeholders with access to augmented soil engineering that is more efficient, sustainable, and agile at all stages of their projects.

LIANAKA offers two levels of support: during land research, direct and immediate access to comprehensive information on soil risks and opportunities through its platform; at every project phase, optimized definition of technical assumptions and construction solutions.

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Prodetis's teams can support you with all the structural studies your need for your structure in the preliminary design, design and construction phases:

  • Civil engineering structures (routine and less routine)
  • Civil engineering structures  (industrial and other buildings)
  • Underground and retaining structures

They are also able to model your project in a digital mock-up (BIM process).

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Relying on Fondasol's entire network of geotechnical engineering agencies, myGéo™ accompanies private individuals and individual house builders for the following ground surveys:

  • G1 mission the sale of a building plot  in areas with average or high exposure to the clay shrink-swell – Article 68 of the Elan Law.
  • G2 AVP and G2 PRO missions for the building of individual houses

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Fondasol deploys its offer of expert services in multiple fields in Europe and Africa, through its agencies in Luxembourg, Morocco and Senegal, and across the globe through its International Studies department.


In Quebec, in Ontario, in the east of the USA, Solroc's teams mobilise their cross-functional skills to propose reliable solutions adapted to construction issues.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environment
  • Building materials quality control
  • Building sciences