Collaborative intelligence serving your projects

Supporting you with the construction of your projects to manage the risks better and facilitate your decision-making. To give you an in-depth knowledge of your built assets. These are the challenges that BIM can help you to meet every day.

By facilitating simple, fast access to information, the BIM process and the 3D modelling of your construction projects become allies, at every stage of the works, enabling the reliability and consistency of the project data to be verified.

We aim to integrate all types of works and structures, throughout the project and whatever the source of the data, to produce multi-expertise and multi-purpose modelling deliverables.

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Facilitating access to the RIGHT information

With their growing complexity, today's infrastructure projects involve ever more stakeholders and ever larger quantities of information.

Having access to good information, to the right person at the right time is therefore crucial. 

The whole challenge of BIM is precisely the need to respond to that challenge and to the parties involved in a project with:

  • geometric and qualitative information that is accurate, necessary and sufficient,
  • throughout a structure's life cycle - during the design studies, the performance of the works and even once the project is operational.

By integrating and making accessible to non-experts information from the different experts mobilised on a project within a single deliverable, the BIM digital mock-up:

  • facilitates better understanding of the management of constraints and risks,
  • validates the coherence of the proposals and enhances the reliability of the project,
  • introduces a clear vision of the project as a whole (information, interventions, etc.),
  • provides technical added value.

We can manage your project through its entire life cycle, in line with the quality requirements of the BIM operators in France (BuildingSMART – MINnD – OpenBIM).

  • We ensure interoperability between our different programmes as well as with our in-house tools.
  • Our modelling control processes are well established and proven to be effective

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