Our areas of expertise

  • Meeting the health, financial and regulatory requirements relating to the quality of environments in the best way possible
  • Providing you with the means to secure your planning and development project at every stage
  • Drawing up pragmatic technical recommendations that comply with all the applicable regulations
  • Anticipating and preventing natural or anthropogenic hazards (landslides, rockfalls, cavities)
  • Assessing the incidence and impact of the geological environment on the planned structure
  • Validating the feasibility, quality and sustainability of a project
  • Contributing to the good management of the schedule and costs of the project
  • Using non-destructive methods to understand the risks posed by subsurface conditions, to allow global coverage of the study zone, the establishment of the most relevant geological model and optimised engineering recommendations
  • Taking indispensable measurements in certain areas (detection of abnormalities, for example)
  • Supporting you with the geotechnical design aspects of your large-scale projects, from the tender phase onwards, to identify the exact needs and optimise the project.
  • Assistance to contracting authorities / external control
  • Design study / supervision of the construction monitoring phase
  • Construction study / geotechnical construction monitoring
  • Design / construction 
  • Characterising, controlling, preserving and monitoring groundwater, necessarily one of the major parameters in your infrastructure project
  • Exploiting its potential while preserving it for the long-term future and participating in its life cycle
  • In compliance with the relevant technical standards and regulations and good professional practice.
  • Identifying the geothermal system the best suited to the needs of your project, depending on the subsurface characteristics of your site.
  • Supporting you at evey step: geothermal pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, including in situ investigations (test pumping, TRTs, etc.) and thermal modelling
  • Assisting you with the regulatory and financial aspects
  • Monitoring the underground works
  • Estimating and optimising campaigns of investigations and laboratory tests
  • Activating the multi-disciplinary areas of expertise necessary
  • Studying the best scenarios with regard to the geotechnical influence zone, the data acquired and the technical, regulatory, financial and timing issues 
  • Accompanying and continuing to optimise projects in the works and control phases
  • Identifying the constraints and hazards of the subsurface conditions based on search criteria in line with the needs of the project and the site, to optimise the technical solutions available based on this exhaustive vision
  • Mutualising the campaign of investigations to get a wider picture
  • Organising, planning, training, guaranteeing the performance of the equipment, securing every aspect to be more efficient
  • Providing objective, quantified data to be able to predict soil behaviour
  • Backing up the recommendations of the geotechnical engineers
  • Reducing the risks, in multiple environments
  • Carrying out tests according to needs and in line with the applicable NF, ISO and EN standards and ISRM methods
  • Knowing more about your buildings to manage them better
  • Guaranteeing the safety and longevity of your structures
  • Detailed inspections and structural diagnoses as part of prevention interventions or rehabilitation/restructuring projects
  • Helping you to deal with earthworks issues related to your linear infrastructure or external works projects
  • Mobilising our entire range of skills, covering everything from the acquisition of reliable field data to the engineering of structures
  • Carrying out internal and external controls or providing external control and technical assistance services

A recognised expert

Fondasol Expert

As a leading player in geotechnical engineering, Fondasol now proposes a multidisciplinary offer, covering soils, but also water, pollution, natural and structural risks,... 

As specialists in surveying and engineering consultancy in soils, infrastructure and structures, the Fondasol teams are able to pool their expertise to study and model the overall environment of your construction and spatial planning projects, to predict their behaviour, make your constructions sustainable and reduce their impact on the ecosystem.

What makes us different? Our sense of commitment and our ability to mobilise innovation to rethink the way we approach what we do, for everyone's benefit.

Our ambition? To offer you pragmatic, optimum solutions that take account of the technical, regulatory, financial and timing issues relating to your project.

Our commitment to you and your projects

Comprehensive engineering consultancy solutions

Since 1958, in France and abroad, we have been dealing with the geotechnical issues  of your construction projects.

Because the best recommendations are those that cover all the issues and constraints of your project site, we have expanded our service offering.

  • As well as the geological and mechanical properties of the soil, our surveys now encompass the constraints relating to water, to the presence or otherwise of pollution, among other things, at every stage our intervention to support to support you: investigations, instrumentation, recommendations, works monitoring, etc.
  • Our department specialising in Pathology of structures deals with your structural issues to ensure the longevity of your structures and/or enable you to upgrade or alter them in total safety.    
  • Our Major Projects departments support your large-scale projects, whether they require Complex investigations or specific geotechnical Design work, requiring input in a single or multiple areas of expertise, including structural studies, with our sister company Prodetis.
  • With our partners, we are also able to integrate the geometrical and geo-spatial dimensions  into our project-based approach – including the detection of underground infrastructure – or topography for construction or inspection.

Innovating to provide ever more relevant solutions

We are convinced that the relevance of our support necessarily involves the ability to rethink our professional approach, to take account of new technological tools.

  • We have a rich historical database going back 60 years: the mobilisation of that source of data in our digital decision aid tool Solscore enables us to deliver immediate information in the field, and to propose the optimised campaign of investigations needed, where applicable.
  • As well as the depth of our database, Solscore has also been made possible by the use of tablets in the field since 2014, and the integration or creation of web applications allowing data to circulate throughout the value chain.
  • With the same aim of making the most of our data, we have set ourselves the challenge of designing CLEA, a connected electric drilling machine: CLEA will analyse drilling data to adapt to soil properties in real time.  
  • As we are also convinced that the future of our deliverables must involve digital mock-ups, we have worked to increase the amount of data entered into the BIM process, and to foster an approach built on multiple areas of expertise and multiple uses of the digital mock-up.