Maritime, rivers, lakes

Do you supervise the creation or renovation of urban features such as protective dykes, crossings or pontoons? Or the construction  marinas or military harbours? Are you in charge of the routine maintenance or extension of quays or similar structures in ports or urban settings? Or of the creation and management of technical structures   – fuelling stations, tanks, cargo wharves, quay extensions, etc.? Do you ensure the correct maintenance of dams, waterways and their locks etc. or do you coordinate their construction? 

Whether they are old or new, we are familiar with all these aquatic structures, with the stresses they undergo and the particular criteria involved in controlling them.

In the investigations phase as in the engineering phase, we mobilise our experts to provide you with appropriate, sustainable global solutions.

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Your engineering consultancy partner

A dedicated project manager and a team of experts

  • Mobilisation of teams of experienced experts – investigations and engineering – concerning the maritime, river and lake activities field
  • Coordination of experts in different fields with all the actors on a project

We think solutions adapted to your needs

  • Knowledge of the stresses these structures are subjected to and mastery of specific techniques  
  • Ability to propose specific dimensions adapted to the data specific to the aquatic environment and the structure concerned

We optimise the calendar

  • Recommendation of the period most conducive to conducting the investigations in the aquatic environment
  • Mastery of the performances of the investigations in aquatic environments
  • Mastery of the implementation schedule taking account of the degree of technicality of the surveys

We are in control of our interventions

  • Adaptation of the means to the context, specific accreditations (in particular for pontoons, and in compliance with the regulations)
  • Securing interventions on the worksite at every stage

Our mission: to be your expert partner on your project

  • Data collection using appropriate investigational means
  • Definition and optimisation of the geotechnical structures in light of all the constraints specific to the aquatic environment
  • Establishment of the layout of the longitudinal geological profiles and resistivity sections using non-destructive methods
  • Prevention and anticipation of natural or anthropogenic risks
  • Cliff face stability studies
  • Management and exploitation of the water system
  • Protection of groundwater
  • Instrumentation of piezometers (correlation between the level of the water against the quay and the thrust of the water inside the quays
  • Historical, documentary and environmental studies
  • Environmental diagnosis of the subsurface environment
  • If pollution confirmed, comprehensive support: management plan, assessment of the health risks, monitoring of decontamination work, regulatory certificates (ATTES)
  • Checking the "state of health" of existing structures
  • Confirmation of the feasibility of modifications envisaged
  • Identification of any damage and recommendations

Most recent projects in the maritime, river and lake sector