Our corporate culture

We believe that a company is a collective, living entity that should be driven by strong human values. 

Curiosity, operational excellence, team spirit, benevolence are the four values that spur us on every day, in all our dealings with our colleagues, our customers, our partners, our stakeholders. 

Four values that depend on each other  and interact while sharing a common denominator: concern for others.

Four values that in the end define what we Fondasolers are as a body and contribute largely to the longevity of the Group.

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Our values



The exact opposite of monotony, curiosity implies openness, stepping out of your comfort zone and field of expertise; not fearing the unknown and difference, but making allies of them.


Being curious means exploring other territories than those we master every day, it means enriching ourselves by approaching and understanding other jobs and areas of expertise; it means listening to understand to serve.

Excellence Opé

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is understood in relation to the expectations of someone else. It there requires that we ask questions, on the needs and expectations, the habits, possible ways to do things differently...


These days, when responsiveness is key, it demands inventiveness to do better with less, to replace effectiveness with efficiency, to increase the final value of the service rendered by quality and rigour, in line with the initial expectation.

Icon Teamwork

Team spirit

Having the team spirit means having a  sense of the collective and the general interest rather than one's own interests and facilitating collaboration between everybody.


It means having an open mind that goes beyond one' s own work ecosystem, expanding one's mind in concentric circles from self to the "group", from local organisation to cross-cutting projects.

It also means making our customers our partners.



Benevolence is understood as the means of helping people to grow by using plural differences for the common good.


Combining attention to others and pedagogy, it is a mindset that knows at once how to congratulate, point out areas for progress and transform failures into learning opportunities. Benevolence is a permanent concern for others with a tendency towards continuous improvement of the service rendered, for those that put their trust in us.

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