Our areas of expertise

In the preliminary design, design and construction phases

  • Civil engineering structures (routine and less routine)
  • Industrial and other buildings
  • Underground and retaining structures

Your project modelled in a digital mockup

  • The right information, both geometrical and qualitative, at every stage in the structure's life cycle 
  • Reliable design mock-ups
  • Better managed syntheses

A recognised partner

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Since the creation of Prodetis in 2004, our teams have always listened carefully to customers' needs and that enables them to support you effectively, bring prompt, relevant responses to all the structural studies for your construction projects.

As partners of all the actors in construction, we work  on every type of structure: civil engineering, industrial or underground structures.

Our experience and our technical skills means that we are able to carry out structural studies and provide the related engineering consulting services  for complex projects as well as the more routine projects.

We joined Fondasol Group in 2020: an opportunity to pool our skills and resources and expand the range of services we offer to new- public and private partners across the entire construction sector, in France and abroad.

Expertise in numerous different structures

  • We are combining our experience and technical skills to bring a comprehensive range of Engineering and Consulting services to project owners, contracting authorities, prime contractors and contractors in the fields of civil engineering, industrial structures, underground structures and miscellaneous civil engineering works.
  • We have been able to multiply the types of structure we are able to work on, but we continue, as ever, to put every ounce of effort we can into striving to achieve quality and customer satisfaction.

Our strengths include

  • The capacity to conduct very large-scale studies
  • Adaptability to variations in needs
  • Constant cooperation with contractors
  • Long experience of working in partnerships with technical departments 
  • And now the capacity to offer you multi-professional solutions, thanks to our membership of Fondasol Group