Supporting you in every phase of your structural studies

Preliminary design, design, construction: every construction goes through several different study phases before the project is completed, also to optimise quantities and work performance times with the aim of guaranteeing the structure built a long and healthy life.

We will be there to listen to your constraints, ready to respond promptly to every problem encountered - our structural design office will be your trusted partner, with a team dimensioned to assume that role all the way through your project.

Civil engineering structures, underground structures, industrial structures: whatever category your structure is in, and no matter how complex, our Structures teams will apply the same rigorous approach to everything from calculating the loads carried to the ground to the detailed drawings. This approach is reinforced by a comprehensive approach in conjunction with Fondasol Group's experts, and the use of a BIM approach encouraging coherence and sharing of data.

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Civil engineering structures

We work on every type of civil engineering structure, from the simplest to the most complex.

  • Routine works/structures (we use an acronym "TOARC"): this covers earthworks, civil engineering structures, restoration of communications, large linear infrastructure items such as box culverts, portal frame bridges, overpasses and underpasses for roads and railways
  • Non-routine structuressuch as medium and long-span beam bridges, skewed or highly skewed slab bridges, composite steel-concrete bridges, bridges with complex shapes or requiring particular construction methods (phasing, shifting, etc.)
  • Exceptional structures such as incrementally launched prestressed concrete bridges

For all of these structures, we can perform:

  • the studies for the foundations
  • the studies for the bridge supports
  • the studies for the reinforced or prestressed concrete decks
  • the studies for the metal structures

Underground and retaining structures

These structures especially require that account be taken of the ground movements and soil-structure interactions:

  • Temporary or permanent retaining structures– Berliner walls, diaphragm walls, curtains of sheet piles, nailed walls, excavation linings
  • Retaining walls, open or cut-and-cover trenchesunderground metro stations
  • Shafts, underground galleries dug the traditional way

For this type of structure, we are able to carry out:

  • digital modelling of the ground
  • stability and structural strength studies

Industrial structures

Our teams of engineers and technicians have a great deal of experience in the construction of the following structures:

  • All structures linked to the treatment or management of water, wastewater treatment stations, stormwater basins, storm overflows, drinking water plants
  • Industrial sites such as domestic waste sorting and recycling centres, metro and tram maintenance and storage centres, industrial buildings, sludge treatment centres

For these types of structures, which often need to be built in short spaces of time and the production of large amounts of documents, we can mobilise substantial teams either in-house or in coordination with dedicated and exclusive partners.

Other civil engineering structures

Our teams of engineers and technicians can also take care of studies for all kinds of concrete or metal structures that do not fit specifically into the categories above. 

  • The shell of certain complex buildings – with very large spans, overhanging structures, prestressing by post-tensioning
  • Shopping centres, railway stations, car parks, whether underground or above-ground
  • Maritime or river structures, wharves, dolphins, dams
  • Foundation blocks, noise barriers

These structures call upon many of the same calculation techniques and competencies as those in the categories above. That is why our teams are able to model, study and design all types of concrete or metal structures, whatever they may be.

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