Are you an energy operator?

Are you an energy production, management or development company?

Do you have an underground or overhead network? Gas pipes? Do you deploy construction, maintenance or rehabilitation projects relating to renewable energies, such as hydro-electric power plants, hydraulic dams, wind or solar farms, nuclear power plants, etc.?

We are familiar with the issues relating to the optimisation and securing of your projects, and we combine our different areas of expertise so that your engineering issues turn into comprehensive solutions.

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Your dedicated engineering consultancy partner

A dedicated project manager to listen to your needs

  • Exhaustive taking into account of the constraints and hazards of the subsurface conditions
  • Coordination of experts in different fields with all the actors on a project
  • Mobilisation of our specialist know-how and technical experts, where necessary

We optimise your solutions

  • Mastery of techniques specific to the implementation of your energy projects
  • Control of the planning/regulations/technical solutions/costs equation
  • Pragmatic, optimum solutions to the hazards identified

We are in control of scheduling

  • Submission of the tender
  • Launch of the study
  • First deliverables
  • First results
  • Monitoring the works

We secure your project

  • Ability to secure interventions on the worksite at every stage (if needed, with our partner specialized in detection of subsurface utilities / topography)
  • Deployment of teams with expertise in these areas of activity, for the investigations and engineering survey
  • Accreditations specific to your structures

Our mission: To optimise and secure your project in light of the overall constraints of the site

  • Determination of areas of homogeneity along the route
  • Identification of the subsurface hazards (cavities, remains, geological particularities, etc.) by non-destructive methods
  • Definition and optimisation of the geotechnical structures based on all the constraints
  • Future-proofing the project
  • Study of characteristics levels
  • Pumping rates
  • Preliminary study before characterising the underground environment
  • If pollution confirmed, comprehensive support: management plan, assessment of the health risks, monitoring of decontamination work, regulatory certificates (ATTES)
  • Checking the "state of health" of existing structures
  • Identification of any damage and recommendations 
  • Confirmation of the feasibility of modifications envisaged
  • Design calculations
  • Drawings
  • Expert surveys

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