QHSE management | Certifications and Accreditations

Our field skills lead us to pay the greatest attention to the protection of our employees and the environments in which we work.

We consider compliance with standards, regulations and professional recommendations as essential and thanks to our QHSE management system we can ensure that every day is safer than ever for you. 

Our commitments take the form, in particular, of membership and participation in  professional networks, the recognition of our actions through certification, but also a QHSE culture that we transmit to all our staff.

Our priority: to carry through all of your projects serenely and successfully.

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QHSE management

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Authorisations to work close to utilities, workplace first aiders, training for situations specific to each type of expertise, and so on.  Our employees undergo regular training and awareness-raising so that they:

  • can do their job and its missions as well as possible
  • guarantee optimum shared vigilance, in the agency and out on site
  • guarantee the safety of themselves and their teams

They are empowered to do this through informal talks,  team visits, the sharing of good practices... These actions encourage the adoption of the right behaviours day to day on quality, health and safety and the environment.

OPQIBI qualifications | Fondasol

Pollution, quality of the environment and health 

  • 0804 Groundwater and soil pollution studies
  • 0811 Assistance to project owners/contracting authorities (AMO) for the management of (potentially) polluted sites and soils

Soil techniques 

  • 1001 Study of routine geotechnical projects
  • 1002 Study of complex geotechnical projects 
  • 1003 Geology studies
  • 1005 Hydrogeology studies 
  • 1006 Geophysical studies 
  • 1008 Conduct and interpretation of in situ geotechnical investigations

Renewable energies with RGE approval 

  • 1007 Study of geothermal resources


  • 1101 Routine earthworks studies 
  • 1102 Complex earthworks studies 
  • 1106 Earthworks studies with reinforcement

Civil engineering structures

  • 1108 Study of tunnels or underground structures 
  • 1820 Diagnosis of civil engineering structures

Foundations and structures

  • 1201 Design of complex foundations

Certifications and accreditations | Fondasol


Our agencies in Lyon and Marseille have MASE accreditation (Company safety improvement management). This specialist safety certification concerns companies working on SEVESO sites.

ISO 9001:2015

Fondasol's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for all its activities and its value chain in France.

All our geotechnical laboratories are also certified to ISO 9001:2015 for sample testing, for the whole process from receipt of the samples through to delivery of the results.

LNE Polluted Sites and Soils

Fondasol Environment is certified LNE-SSP domains A and D – Studies, Assistance and Control - in line with standard NF X 31-620 for its entire scope.

Fondasol Luxembourg, for its part, is approved by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in competence areas D3, E4, E5, F3 (approval ref. OA/2019/056).

Habilitations Certif 220511

Professional bodies | Fondasol


Fondasol is a member of the Union Syndicale Géotechnique (USG), a professional federation of geotechnical engineering companies created in 1974, which now has 50 members.

SYNTEC Ingénierie

Fondasol is also a member of SYNTEC Ingénierie, the largest federation of engineering professionals representing over 190,000 people, 50% of whom are managers or engineers.


Fondasol is a member of the engineering college of the UPDS (Union des Professionnels de la Dépollution des Sites), a federation of site decontamination firms.


Associations and committees | Fondasol

Fondasol is a member of the following associations and committees:


French Earthquake Engineering Association


Association for Quality in Applied Geophysics 


French Association of Tunnels and Underground Space

AGAP Qualité

And its Code of Good Practice in Applied Geophysics 


French Committee on Geosynthetics


French Committee of Geology for Engineers and the Environment


French Committee on Rock Mechanics


French Committee of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


Label Waste Logistic

This independent label guarantees that we apply an organised, controlled and sustainable process of waste management.

The Waste Logistic label is awarded to us by CLIKECO, a company that supports us with waste sorting, recycling and disposal.