Are you a utility concession holder?

Are you a utility concession holder? Whether it's gas, hydrocarbons, electricity or heating, sewers or stormwater drains, fibre optics/telecom cables, road sign cables or street lighting: we know what's involved.

We mobilise all our areas of expertise so that you can be in in full control of your networks, able to secure them, and also optimise the re-use of materials extracted to lay or replace your pipes or cables.

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Your engineering consultancy partner

Support from expert in multiple fields

  • Turn-key projects
  • Mobilisation of our specialist know-how and technical experts, where necessary
  • Monitoring changes in regulations
  • Coordination of the different stages of the project: detection of subsurface utilities, geotechnical surveys, works

We think "advice" and "optimisation"

  • We put forward proposals on the techniques used depending on the type of utility
  • Optimisation of the solutions proposed, including solutions for re-using materials
  • Support if water or pollution detected
  • Control of the planning/risks/technical solutions/costs equation

We are responsive

  • Adherence to our schedules
  • We listen to your imperatives
  • Adaptability to changes in the project, as involved as you are

Our mission: to enable you to secure and optimise your utility networks

  • Earthworks solutions
  • Need for sheeting
  • Re-use of materials
  • Identification of the subsurface hazards (cavities, remains, geological particularities, etc.) by non-destructive methods
  • Study of characteristics levels
  • Pumping rates
  • Preliminary study before characterising the underground environment
  • If pollution confirmed, comprehensive support: management plan, assessment of the health risks, monitoring of decontamination work, regulatory certificates (ATTES)

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