Motorway concessions

Are you the concession holder of a road or motorway? A prime contractor on road construction projects? A contractor working on linear infrastructure?

Do you have a project for a new road, ringroad or bypass? Or for the widening (doubling the lanes) of an existing road, the rehabilitation or making safe  of an existing road? Do you perform works on these types of projects? 

We are familiar with your scheduling, availability of lanes and safety constraintsas well as the technical specificities of these studies.

The large number of areas of expertise  we cover allows us to propose global solutions to the problems and issues of your project.

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Your engineering consultancy partner

Our expertise serving your project

  • Mobilisation of experienced teams
  • Contribution of our technical experts
  • Coordination of experts in different fields with all the actors on a project

We think advice and optimisation

  • Decision aid (characteristics of the project)
  • Integration of technical and financial risks from an early stage
  • Control of the planning/risks/technical solutions/costs equation
  • Pragmatic, optimised solutions with regard to the hazards identified

We are responsive and adapt to the scheduling of the project

  • Responsiveness in every project study phase
  • Serving the actors in the project, depending on the stage reached in the different phases 

We guarantee the safety of the users

  • Inconvenience and potential nuisances kept to a minimum
  • Security of the worksite and the works

Our mission: to match our services with the needs of your project

  • Formwork drawings for structures
  • Reinforcement drawings for structures
  • Definition and optimisation of the geotechnical structures based on all the constraints
  • Future-proofing the project
  • Earthworks solutions
  • Need for sheeting
  • Re-use of materials
  • Determination of areas of homogeneity along the route
  • Identification of the subsurface hazards (cavities, remains, geological particularities, etc.) by non-destructive methods
  • Securing installations against natural risks
  • Rainwater management
  • Study of characteristics levels
  • Pumping rates
  • Preliminary study before characterising the underground environment
  • If pollution confirmed, comprehensive support: management plan, assessment of the health risks, monitoring of decontamination work, regulatory certificates (ATTES)
  • Checking the "state of health" of existing structures
  • Recalculation/Dimensioning of existing structures
  • Confirmation of the feasibility of modifications envisaged
  • Identification of any damage and recommendations
  • Setting up a BIM process
  • 3D modelling of structures

Most recent projects for road/motorway concessions