Are you a property developer?

Deadlines for completing an operation, increased pressure on land and budgets, marketing imperatives, regulatory constraints, and so on.

We know what the challenges facing you are and we mobilise our teams and our know-how so that engineering issues turn into solutions.

All the way through your project, we will do everything we can to meet our commitments in terms of quality and reliability, such is the importance of your satisfaction and your trust to our success.

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Your engineering consultancy partner

A dedicated engineer to listen to your needs

  • Communication as and when the study progresses to deal with any unexpected incidents as efficiently as possible
  • Coordination with the prime contractor
  • Mobilisation of our specialist know-how and technical experts, where necessary

We think advice and optimisation

  • Decision support (prospecting and/or purchase of land)
  • Integration of technical and financial risks from an early stage
  • Control of the planning/risks/technical solutions/costs equation
  • Pragmatic, optimised solutions with regard to the hazards identified

We are responsive

  • Submission of the tender
  • Launch of the study
  • First deliverables
  • First results

We carry out legal monitoring

  • Laws on construction and technical standards applicable to our activities: ALUR Law, ELAN Law, etc.

Our mission: to optimise your project based on the overall data and constraints of the site

  • Definition and optimisation of foundations based on the geotechnical information and constraints and multi-expertise assessments of the site
  • Future-proofing the project 
  • Management and exploitation of the water system (groundwater table, rainwater, etc.) and regulatory dossiers
  • Protection against underground water
  • Geothermal
  • Historical, documentary and environmental studies
  • Environmental diagnosis of the subsurface environment
  • If pollution confirmed, comprehensive support: management plan, assessment of the health risks, monitoring of decontamination work, regulatory certificates (ATTES)
  • Identification of the subsurface hazards (cavities, remains, geological particularities, etc.) by non-destructive methods
  • Securing installations against geological hazards
  • Checking the "state of health" of existing structures
  • Identification of any damage and recommendations 
  • Confirmation of the feasibility of modifications envisaged
  • Monitoring of the behaviour of neighbouring structures (instrumentation/auscultation)

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