Making the future more predictable and more bearable

For decades, our staff have been anticipating and predicting, to offer you the framework that gives your projects stability and security.

In a world that is far from tranquil and where there is more and more uncertainty, our duty is to make the future more predictable and the framework of that future easier for everyone to bear.

That is what Fondasol Group is all about, and in the company all roads lead to a commitment to transformation that is strategic, ambitious and indispensable to all.

ADN Raison D Etre EN

Agility for greater relevance and sobriety

Our ambitions embrace the wide spectrum of major changes that are shaping and transforming our world already today and will do so even more in the future. 

This is so that we can solve the only equation that is worth solving: how to better serve and content our stakeholders, whilst striving to be more sober and always relevant?

We are convinced that the solution lies in offering a value chain that aggregates all the different areas of expertise, from modelling ecosystems to the construction studies for developments.

We are convinced that offering this more comprehensive and wider service to our customers means that we have to be more agile.

And we are also aware of the issue of energy sobriety, which also applies to our services and naturally leads us to draw on our experience, , the experience accumulated over decades, to put it to use, augmented and upgraded, to create an engineering that is more frugal and more competitive.

Rethinking our approach to what we do

Our ambitions are only the  right responses to the new challenges and transformations of our world.

Our areas of expertise are driven by the same denominator and they intend to do everything to optimise and reduce the impacts of territorial development.

Achieving that means encouraging close collaboration and exchanges between each of our specialities and designing platforms for joined-up working whilst taking account of the complexities of each area of competence.

The digitalisation of our services is not the only key, but it will have its part to play in the construction of contrasting low-carbon pathways to transformation that we urgently have to take.

Acting for the best and for the good of our group

Thanks to the use of technology 'bricks'  that are already available – both in terms of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) – as a powerful motor driving change, whether it is for our customers and the value proposals we offer them, we can also, as the other side of the coin, place people and the human at the centre of our organisation.

Firstly, through the meaning that we give to our actions; then through the desire to act in our area of competence free of redundant tasks and the weight of that redundancy.

Because taking care of other means taking care of the collective, of the Group as an entity in its own right, with its own energy and sensitivity, we firmly believe that the company must always do whatever it can for the best and for the well-being of the energies that make it up.

To do that, we will continue to involve employees by offering them the chance to be shareholders and we will remain precursors in our field in order to share the Group's success with everyone, in a spirit of fairness and social justice.