Soil properties & technical recommendations: an inseparable pair

The investigations phase provides the basic input data for every construction project and enables the engineers to define practical, optimised technical solutions based on the needs of the project and the hazards identified on the site.

Investigations are essential to render the invisible visible, particularly the soil and its characteristics.

Thanks to our broad range of services, we can carry out campaigns of simple or complex investigations drawing on one or multiple areas of expertise, to provide you with information on the soil across a wide range of criteria: geological, geomechanical, hydrogeological, presence of pollution or not, etc.

Finally, thanks to our decision aid tool Solscore and our CLEA drilling project, we are innovating in the exploitation of the data collected, to optimise the use of our investigation campaigns in your ground surveys.

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Know more to optimise your project

As the raw material indispensable to any process of modelling the environment of a construction project, a good knowledge of the soil-related constraints and hazards is a vector for optimisation and a decision aid tool for any technical survey.

  • Mutualising the campaign of investigations by addressing the risks linked to the subsurface conditions as far upstream as possible, via campaigns of investigations and ground surveys mobilising several areas of competence.
  • Optimise the technical solutions available based on this exhaustive vision: the more you know about the soil hazards on your project site, the more pragmatic and efficient the solutions can be, helping to secure your project and control the costs and constructions time. 

Every day, in France and abroad, we have technicians and drilling teams carry out simple or complex investigationsdrawing on one or multiple areas of expertise, under either private local contracts or national call-order contracts, to identify the constraints relating to the subsurface conditions based on search criteria in line with the needs of the project and the site.

Looking for operational excellence

Organisation and control of planning, constant training of our staff and provision of high-performance equipment: this trio of factors is what allows us to orchestrate, on the ground, the efficient and safe performance of our interventions.

  • We are capable of carrying out virtually all of the geotechnical investigations, as well as various specific investigations in areas such as water management or ground pollution, in conjunction with our specialist departments. 
  • Trainingaccreditationssupport of our Methods unitvisits to teamsinformal talksawareness-raising and evaluations based on our skills matrix: we organise a whole series of regular events and initiatives to keep our teams' skills up to date.
  • Whatever the conditions in the field or the weather, our teams are constantly seeking to achieve operational excellenceto provide you with the most relevant information possible on the nature of the ground. And to show that we appreciate their unique know-how, we recognise their achievements by helping them to obtain an official driller's qualification.

The samples collected then enter the  geotechnical  (or, where applicable, multi-expertise) value chain, undergoing analyses and tests in our laboratories, if necessary, to allow the design phase and the dimensioning of the geotechnical structures to get underway.

Innovation serving your customer experience


Our field data feed into our digital transformation programme, which uses them to optimise the customer experience and our practice.

  • To optimise the campaign of investigations as soon as you request itSolscore, our digital decision aid tool relies on the depth of our source of historical data to provide you with immediate information on the land concerned by your project, and to propose an optimised campaign of investigations, if appropriate.
  • To adapt the locations of the investigations in real time: since 2014, our drillers have been using tablets to record and geolocate the results of the drilling. A new programme will be coming into use in 2022, which will allow real-time communication between the teams in the field and the office, which will facilitate the adaptation of the drilling locations if necessary.
  • To enable the data to be used by all our tools: the data recorded on the tablets is integrated into our web processing and interpretation applications, as well as the design calculation software to allow for faster processing and results. After that they are integrated into our Solscore database.

To create a connected, lightweight, ergonomic and autonomous machine: that is the challenge we have set ourselves with CLEA.  As well as running on batteries, CLEA will adapt in real time to the characteristics of the soils encountered by analysing the drilling parameters.

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