Our areas of expertise

  • Phase I environmental site analysis
  • Environmental site assessments of soil and/or groundwater (Phase II & III)
  • Environmental Site Rehabilitation (Phase IV)
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Request of Authorization Certificates with municipal or provincial authorities
  • Shallow foundations (continuous or isolated footing) and deep foundations (piles) for residential, institutional, commercial and industrial projects
  • Temporary and permanent support work (soldier pile/Berlin walls, sheet piling, underpinning) for safe excavation
  • Pile-driving
  • Stability of slopes and embankments
  • Geological study and soil research
  • Forensic consulting expertise (Existing foundation, compaction, landslides)

(Soils, aggregates, concrete, asphalt)

  • Sampling of materials at the construction site
  • Monitoring, quality control and trials at the construction site
  • Qualitative normalized laboratory testing
  • Aggregate material approval according to specs imposed by building or road specifications
  • Pyrite studies according to regulations
  • Sampling and analysis of concrete at the construction site
  • Assessment of the physical condition of buildings (roof, building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems, interior parking slabs)
    Determination on the presence of materials containing asbestos (ACM) and mold
    Technical-legal expertise (technical advice in a dispute and assistance to the court)
  • Asbestos (CSST standard and register)
  • Pyrite Mold (including air test)