A job that's never boring

So what is the key to a job where you are never bored? Dynamic, motivated teams, combined with plenty of variety in our missions, endlessly different projects and structures studied, providing plenty of opportunities to follow different paths.

It's all about curiosity and open-mindedness, the ability to question what you think you know so that you learn and develop professionally and as a person every day.

A job that's never boring

Diverse projects

The missions we carry out for our customers are diverse in so many ways:

  • From the most modest project to those on a massive scale
  • Every type of structure: buildings, public amenities, industrial structures, civil engineering structures, infrastructure and transport, maritime and river structures
  • Not forgetting the fact that for the same structure the natural factors and hazards will be different, ensuring that the challenges are varied!

Diversity and versatility in career paths

Our engineers tend to follow two main types of career path:

  • either a more technical path, involving support and training;
  • or a path that mixes a commercial and customer relations side, engineering and field monitoring, management and team support.

Empowerment and the typical day

As any Fondasoler will tell you, there is no such thing as a typical day.

But one common feature does emerge: everyone, in their own job, is empowered to take charge of the success of their own missions.

Life in an agency

Finally, we mustn't forget to say a few words about life in a Fondasol agency.

There's plenty going on, believe us.
No, definitely no fear of boredom!

Watch our videos and see why you will never be bored working for us!