Learning every day

"Initial or continuous", training is part and parcel of Fondasol group's DNA.

Over 5% of the group's turnover is invested in training, both face-to-face and remote.

A common criterion for giving and receiving training: show humility and benevolence.

Learning every day

A vector of collective excellence

Training to discover a new trade

Driller's assistant or laboratory operator are jobs that do not require any particular initial training, but which can be learnt on the job, with the support of an experienced tutor.

For driller's assistants, we also offer complementary technical training (HGV or forklift truck licence, etc.)

Training to progress in your job

We implement a vast training plan with the support of our technical department.

Our technical lead operators participate actively in the upskilling of our teams, supporting them in their projects, sharing their experience by giving webinars, etc.

>> Training actively contributes to the personal development of our staff, whether it is to learn a new skill, progress technically or move up a level.


Training is also something that happens day-to-day thanks to exchanges:

  • Between our different experts, who may reassess their skills or look at their job from a different angle.

  • With your colleagues, your agency, quite simply.


See the video with Marie's story - she's a geotechnical design engineer in Caen and she talks about the Fondasol network and sharing.