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Fondasol Morocco's teams can support you with your construction and territorial development projects , over all the types of geotechnical engineering mission - G1 ES to G5 as defined in French standard NF P 94-500, both in Morocco and on co-development projects in the sub-Saharan countries.

Specialising in sampling, studies, engineering and consulting, our teams analyse all the geotechnical issues affecting your site to recommend solutions to ensure the long-term security of your project while optimising the costs of implementing it.

They also provide monitoring and control during the study and work phases.

Furthermore, our service offering, which encompasses 15 different complementary areas of expertise, enables us to mobilise all the experts necessary to the study and modelling of the overall environment of your projects.

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Campaigns of in situ investigations

As a leading player in geotechnical engineering, we can offer you a multi-disciplinary offer, covering soils, but also water, natural or structural risks, pollution, etc. 

We can therefore conduct all the in situ investigations necessary to understand the plot where you wish to build your project, and in particular: 

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Engineering & controls

Geotechnical engineering and design

  • Dimensioning of foundations: shallow, semi-deep, mixed foundations; rafts; deep foundations 
  • Ground improvement and reinforcement: rigid inclusions; ballasted columns and studs; vertical drainage; dynamic compaction; vibration
  • Ground-related structural stability studies: embankments and reinforced embankments; retaining walls; soil nails and tie rods; subsurface earthworks 
  • Roadway studies and slab bases: studies of aggregate or treated sub-bases; road structure studies 
  • Geotechnical diagnosis of existing structures: landslides, damage to buildings, dimensioning of reworking of classic underpinning, using micropiles, jet grouting…
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External control/geotechnical construction monitoring

We can monitor the construction and acceptance of foundations and subgrades, as well as dealing with arrest points on construction sites, as part of a quality assurance plan (QAP).

Earthworks - Road construction

  • Plate bearing tests and pavement deflection measurements
  • Constant or variable energy penetrometer  tests
  • Construction monitoring and taking of samples for laboratory analysis
  • Trial areas (establishment and monitoring)
  • Installation and monitoring of instrumentation
  • Test geotechnical investigations

Buildings and civil engineering structures:

  • Monitoring and control of excavations for shallow foundations
  • Monitoring and control of construction of deep foundationsground improvement and reinforcement
  • Test geotechnical investigations
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Geotechnical | Complementary to and in synergy with geotechnical surveys

  • Installation of automated instrumentation (acquisition sensors and units)
  • Real-time measurement and analyses of the impact of works on construction sites and the surrounding areas

Structures |  Buildings and civil engineering structures

  • Measurements and analyses of movements of buildings and civil engineering structures, whether underground or not (adjoining structures, cracks, vibration and acoustic measurements, pressures, settlement, angular movement, etc.)

Pavements | Auscultation of all types of road systems

  • Diagnoses by laser scanning and photogrammetry (LiDAR technology)
  • Simulation of changes of time
  • Optimisation of structure maintenance work programmes (urban, departmental, motorways, tunnels, railway tracks, etc.).
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A comprehensive approach to engineering consultancy

We can call upon over 10 areas of expertise to accompany your construction and development projects, to bring you comprehensive, pragmatic, sustainable solutions adapted to the specific issues of your projects.



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