A meaningful job

It is essential to have meaning in your work. Because you put so much time and effort into it. Because it occupies a key place in already busy lives!

As important players in the construction industry and employers, we are determined to play our part in building a sustainable world, for the planet and the people that live on it, so that our jobs have meaning. This is a mission we all, on our own level, try to work towards every day, brick by brick.

As an economic actor, we also believe we have a duty to act on our ecosystem in all its aspects: economic, social, environmental, etc.

The actions we take are not particularly well known, as we don't really communicate very much (yet) on the subject.  So don't hesitate to ask us anything you want!

A meaningful job

Some of the areas we are working on

Gender equality at work

Although our teams on the ground remain largely male, we now regularly recruit female technicians and there are more and more women among our engineers. 

In July 2019, we signed a company-wide agreement reasserting our attachment to gender equality in the workplace and the principle of non-discrimination more widely. 

On this occasion, we defined a programme of 5 priority areas to work on: recruitment, training, promotion, classification and compensation.


Workforce integration

We are mobilising to facilitate the integration of young people into the workforce, through recruitment and sponsorship and support schemes with associations such as Les Entreprises pour la Cité, NQT and others.

Sharing the fruits of growth

We share the fruits of our growth with our employees: in 2017, we opened our capital to all our staff, giving staff and management a 60% shareholding.

A trend that is on the way up: in 2021, we signed a voluntary profit-sharing agreement with the trade unions for Fondasol France; in 2022, we are launching a second employee shareholder scheme through a save-as-you-earn scheme.

Our aim is to increase the number of employee shareholders and the share of the capital they hold, with a dual objective of guaranteeing the transmission and sustainability of the company.


Protection of the environment

As signatories of the "Ingénierie pour le climat" (Engineering for the Climate) charter (Syntec Ingénierie), we are taking different types of action to reduce our carbon footprint and that of our sector of the economy.

We have also introduced recovery bins, optimised our waste sorting, revised our travel policy, upgraded our fleet of vehicles to hybrid models, provided electric pool vehicles in our agencies, and much more.