A word from the HR director

For 10 years now, Fondasol Group has been transforming itself, redeploying, reinventing itself, adapting to a changing world, where customers are precious and complex, the environment fragile and uncertain, employees agile and demanding;

For 10 years, Fondasol Group has been innovating to grow in an ever more complex world, where the act of building now has a global dimension and answers economic, environmental, social and societal needs that are perpetually changing.  Demands that are sources of enrichment and renewal for our employees.

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Joining Fondasol Group means joining a company where the spirit of initiative and innovation is encouraged, talent supported, the entrepreneurial spirit  unanimously approved.

Joining Fondasol Group also means embarking on an adventure where the desire to learn and grow are supported, to enable you to jump over barriers and reach unsuspected heights: the are many Fondasolers who joined us almost by accident, but found a profession, a passion, an atmosphere, a second home to develop and flourish in…

Because joining Fondasol Group means joining a company where geographical and professional mobility is facilitated, and where bridges between jobs, subsidiaries and agencies create a mesh of possibilities and new career opportunities.

Joining Fondasol Group also means adhering to its valuesValues of curiosity, excellence, benevolence and team spirit. Four values that, taken at face value, may seem simplistic, but which nevertheless provide the unwavering conditions for success and job satisfaction for our teams, for these are values that engage as much as they protect.

Joining Fondasol Group means choosing to work alongside personalities with a passion for what they do. Passionate about their jobs, passionate about their irrepressible need to achieve high standards: a job well done and expertise that is really relevant.

Joining Fondasol Group also means joining a tribe of soon-to-be a 1000 Fondasolers around the world, who recognise each other in their attachment to the group, their enterprising minds, their loyalty and their desire to succeed together.

Finally, joining Fondasol Group means joining an intermediate-sized company with strong ambitions and a unique capital structure: 75% of capital is today in the hands of the Group's employees, and soon 95% of the group's employees will be shareholder. Beyond the value of figures and actions, it is a unique corporate plan that Fondasol group is proposing today: one where the governance includes its employees and where value is shared between all those who create it.

So why not you too? You could become a Fondasoler too...

Stéphane Huguet, Fondasol Group Human Resources Director